Teresa R. LaManno Scholarship Fund Donors

Mr. Doug Albers

Mr. and Mrs. George J. Allin

Mr. Dennis Allin

Ms. Mary K. Allin

Alphapointe Association for the Blind

Ms. Katherine L. Alstrin

American Multispecialty Group, Inc.

Anchor Center for Blind Children

Mr. Jim Anderson

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Angulo


Ms. Elizabeth Arman

Mr. and Mrs. Russell Atha, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Auffenberg

Dennis C. Ayer D.D.S.

Kim and Pat Baggette

Mr. and Mrs. Bruca M. Baraban

Ms. Ramona Baragana

Barnett-Davis Dental Group

Ms. Betty Bauers

BBYO Council

Ms. Jolene Bay and Mr. Jack Booth

Ms. Emily Beck

Ms. Andrea M. Bennion


Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Black

Ms. Lauren Blackmon

Ms. Pegeen Blank

Blue Valley Middle School Care Committee

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Bonaccorsi

Mr. Daniel L. Bonderer

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Bonilla

Ms. Jean Booy

Mr. Tyler Bowenschulte

Ms. Angela Bowers

Ms. Jennifer Boyer and Mr. Chris Hoerler

Ms. Natalie Bramson

Bread & Butter Concepts LLC

Ms. Mary B. Bridgens

Mrs. Rosemary Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Scott R. Brown

Ms. Sharon Brown

Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brown

Mrs. Maria Burgen

Mrs. Christine M. Calovich

Mr. David Canter

Ms. Alice J. Capson

Ms. Cheryl A. Carlin

Ms. Elizabeth Carroll

Ms. Kathleen Carter

Mrs. Teresa Carter

Mr. and Mrs. Ross Cascio

Ms. Marie Cascio

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Castellano

Mrs. Betty J. Chellgren

Ms. Donna Chin

Ms. Hyesook Cho

Chubb & Son

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Cissell


Dr. and Mrs. Charles Cobb

Ms. Susan Coffman

Columbia Capital Management

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Conover

Mr. and Mrs. Dean Cook

Mr. and Mrs. Ward Cook

Ms. Susan Cope

Ms. Betty Ann Cortelyou

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Cosentino

Dr. and Mrs. Doug Cowan

Ms. Denise Cross

Ms. Betty Crumpton

Ms. Jean Cunningham

Mrs. Amanda Daniels

Dr. Mark Darrah

Dr. and Mrs. David Dear

Mrs. Terri A. Dedecker

Mrs. Malinda Deines

Mr. and Mrs. David J. Delorenzi

Delta Gamma Foundation

Ms. Kim Dickerson

Mr. and Mrs. Raye Dinnerstein

Mary Lynne Dolembo

Ms. Angela M. Donahue

Mrs. Bonnie J. Downs

Mrs. Juliana T. Drees

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dunn

Ms. Hailey Dunne

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dunne

Ms. Victoria Eastburn

Ms. Samantha L. Eckert

Ms. Amy Edsall

Ms. Natalie R. Edwards

Mr. Roy J. Elfrink

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ellerman

Mrs. Ruth Engel

Esse Health

Essence Group Holdings Corporation

Mrs. Janet Euston

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Evans

Mrs. Saralu N. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. F. Patrick Fagan

Mrs. Deborah B. Feehan

Mrs. Amy F. Fennesy

Ms. Elisa Fernholz

Mrs. Donna G. Finazzo

Mr. Mark Fitzpatrick

Ms. Darlene Flann

Mr. Dave Flessner

Mr. James Fluker

Ms. Deidre Flynn

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Fontaine

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Fortin

Mr. Jean-Marc A. Fouquet and Ms. Nancy J. Redmond-Tabardel

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Fowler

Mr. and Mrs. William Frederick

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Frick

Mr. Steven Friedman

Friends of CCVI

Mrs. Carrie Ganninger

Ms. Marie V. Ganninger

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Gardner

Mr. and Mrs. David Gast

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gehbauer

Ms. Nancy Gerding

Gilmore & Bell

Ms. Denise R. Gilmore

Drs. Lisa and Sandy Glatt

Mrs. Jackye S. Goldberg

Ms. Fatima Gonzalez

Ms. Jeanne Goodin

Ms. Gina Gowin

Mr. Randy M. Graham

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Grams

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Grandcolas

Mr. Robert Grant

Mr. Peter F. Gray

Greater Kansas City Alumnae

Chapter of Delta Gamma

Ms. Catherine S. Greeley-Bennett

Mr. Harold L. Green

Ms. C.A. Green

Ms. Katherine Greenwood

Mrs. Mollie K. Grever

Mr. and Mrs. Rob Griffey

Drs. Milton and Trudi Grin

Mr. David Grosenheider

Ms. Amy Grosenheider

Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Grow

Dr. Barry Gubin

Ms. Laura Guerra-Rivera

Ms. Beth Haden

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Haden

Dr. Jean M. Hagan

Ms. Ann Hager

Mr. Mark J. Hague

Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Hamburg

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Hand

Hannah Orthodontics

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip J. Hanson

Ms. Kimberly Hartman

Mrs. Margaret A. Hartman

Ms. Sarah Hatcher

Mrs. Sarah E. Hattrup

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Havlicek

Mrs. JoAnne Hayes

Ms. Pamels K. Hayes

Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

Healthy Self

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Heap

Ms. Lindsey Heidrick

Ms. Amy Heinen

Ms. Sherri Hendrickson

Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Heskett

Ms. Nicola Heskett and Mr. Walt Cofer

Dr. and Mrs. Edward F. Higgins, Jr.

Mrs. Margaret P. Hoel

Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hoffman

Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Hollabaugh

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Honan

Mr. and Mrs. William D. Hornbeck

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hougland

Housing and Dining Services of KSU

Mr. and Mrs. David W. Howard

Dr. and Mrs. Mark B. Hughes

Mr. and Mrs. John Humphreys

The Integer Group

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Irwig

Ms. Ann Jenkins

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Jerde

Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City

Dr. and Mrs. Mark Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Todd Johnson

Ms. Julie Johnson

Mrs. Victoria M. Jones

Ms. Janice A. Jones

Mr. Mark Kane

Kansas City Veterinary Care

Kansas Geological Society & Library

Dr. and Mrs. Kurt Kavanaugh

Ms. Mary C. Keller

Ms. Ann Kelley

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kimes

Ms. Diane M. Kingsley

Ms. Rosemary Kisker

Mr. and Mrs. Greg Klapp

Ms. Debbi Knowles

Ms. Christine Knudsen

Ms. Arlene J. Kowalczyk

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kruger

Mr. and Mrs. Jon Kurtz

Mrs. Gail M. Lammers

Mr. James T. Large

Mr. John Lathrop and Ms. Patty Ibarra

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Laughlin

Mr. Charles A. Lavery

Paul R. Lavery & Associates

Mrs. Janie Leeth

Dr. Cheryl Lester

Ms. Rosalind L. Levine

Ms. Suzanne Lewis

Daniel A. Lieblong D.D.S.

Ms. Debbie Bertram Link

Ms. Kim Litscher

Mrs. Diane A. Little

Mr. Chris Livingston

Mr. and Mrs. David E. Loger

Ms. Kathryn A. Long

Ms. Kathryn Long

Mr. Stephen Luben

Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Mabry

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madeo

Mr. and Mrs. William Maher

Mr. Gerald Maloney

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Martin

Algy L. Mason

Ms. Nancy I. Mason

Ms. Elizabeth A. Mayer &

   Mr. Ron Achelpohl

Mrs. Michelle McCue

Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. McCunniff

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. McDonnell

Ms. Jan McGovern

Mr. Mike McGowan

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence E. McMahon

Mr. Daniel J. McMahon

Mr. Patrick McMahon

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mead

Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Mehan

Mr. Richard P. Melichar

Mrs. Justine A. Mendolia

Dr. John C. Metzger

Dr. and Mrs. Tom Meyer

Midwest Health Initiative

Mr. and Ms. Sean Miller

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis V. Mitchell

Ms. Laura Mitchell

Mohican Companies

Dr. Norma Moore

Mrs. Donna M. Morrison

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah L. Murphy

Ms. Traci Todd Murphy

Dr. and Mrs. Frankline Musongwe

Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Nauman

Mr. Daniel Neef

Mr. and Mrs. Will Nelson

Ms. Vickie Nelson

Mr. and Mrs. Jack A. Newman

Ms. Cindy Noll

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Connell

Crystal A. Obee D.D.S.

Ms. Bernadine A. Ohmes

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Associates of Kansas City

Mr. Paul Ost

Ms. Heather Parsons

Mr. and Mrs. Ken Patterson

Mrs. Alice Randolph Pattison

Mr. Richard Pence

Mr. Andrew Perlmutter

Mr. and Mrs. Dale J. Peterson

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peterson

Mrs. Patty Peterson

Dr. and Mrs. Larry Piebenga

Ms. Sheila Porter

Mr. and Mrs. Pete Pritchard

Mr. John R. Rabich

Ms. Patty Ramsour

Mr. and Mrs. Kerry Reardon

Dr. and Mrs. Allen Reavis

Ms. Mary Redmond

The Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Reller

Ms. Lucinda Ann Rice-Petrie

Mrs. Kim Richardson

Ms. Alicia Richardson

Mrs. Kathleen F. Riordan

Ms. Becky Rittenhouse

Dr. and Mrs. Randolph C. Robinson

Joe O. Rosenberg D.D.S.

Ms. Deidre Ross

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rowland

Royals Charities

Steve A. Rueb D.D.S. and Mrs. Rueb

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Rush

Ms. Ann Rutherford

Mr. and Ms. James Ryan

Mr. Carl J. Ryffe

Ms. Suzanne Saville

Ms. Florence Schachter

Mr. Robert Schmitt

Ms. Therese Schuele

Mr. and Mrs. Dale Schulte

Ms. Danielle Schulte

Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Schumacher

Ms. Cathy E. Seabaugh

Ms. Amber Seaton

Shakespeare Oil Company, Inc.

Ms. Lili Shank

Deb Shannahan

Mrs. Robert E. Shannon

Mr. and Mrs. Josh Sharon

Ms. Pamela A. Shatto

Ms. Courtney C. Shea

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Sheehan

Ms. Doris Skinner

Ms. Adeline R. Smith

Mr. and Mrs. Craig C. Smith

Ms. Lynelle Smith

Ms. Pat Smithson

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Solari

Ms. Martha K. Spence

Ms. Judy Spencer

Ms. Susanne C. Sshutz

St. Louis Society for the Blind

   and Visually Impaired

St. Luke's Hospital Medical Staff Assn

Mr. Paul Stagner and Mr. David Ludwig

Mr. Rodd D. Staker

Ms. Jessica Stegman

Ms. Teresa Steinert

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Stephens

Mrs. Janet S. Stiegler

Mr. Eric D. Stinson

Mrs. Pamela B. Stockman

Mrs. Elaine M. Swope

Mr. W. Patrick Syring

Gregory C. Tellatin D.D.S.

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Thompson Jr

Mr. and Mrs. James Tierney

Mrs. Kathleen Totta

Homer R. Tourkakis D.D.S.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Tritt

Mrs. David L. Truog

Mr. and Mrs. Karlton Turner

Mr. and Mrs. John Uhlmann

UMB Bank

UMKC Dental School Class of 1984

Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Ungerer

Unico National

Mrs. Kristina Ursick

Mr. Vincent P. VanBecelaere

Mr. John B. Veal

Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Gary Vontz

Mrs. Frances Wallace

Ms. Patricia Walsh

Ms. Stacey Walter

Ms. Suzanne Watson

Mr. Stephen J. Weinberg

Ms. Toni Weingarten

Ms. Nancy A. Westeman

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Williams

Ms. Maureen P. Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williamson

Ms. Deborah H. Williamson

Mr. Craig Willingham

Ms. Rose Windham

Ms. Stephanie S. Winslow

Mr. and Mrs. Phil W. Witt

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Wolf

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence C. Woodring

Dr. Donald V. Woznica

Ms. Ailsa Wu

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Yermack

Ms. Faye E. Zacharias

Mr. and Mrs. Donald Zachritz Jr.

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