Molly Turner Executive Director
Kim Baggette Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Lind Chief Program Officer
Hayward Lafferty Chief Development Officer
Kim Litscher Early Intervention Program Director
Molly Taylor Interim Preschool Program Director
Danielle Schulte Director of Therapy Services
Susan Belger Angulo Event and Sponsorship Manager
Elizabeth Mayer Support Services Manager
Traci Todd Murphy Marketing/Communications Manager
Suzanne Lewis Development Associate
Jenee Meyer Administrative Assistant

Braille Instruction

Jaime Cissell Braille Instructor
Ann Cummins Braille Instructor
Molly Taylor Braille Instructor

Early Intervention Program

Jeanne Goodin Early Intervention Teacher
Pam Arbeiter Early Intervention Teacher
Shelley Donahue Early Intervention Teacher
Hailey Dunne Early Intervention Teacher
Jennifer Klingele Early Intervention Teacher
Ashley Williamson Early Intervention Teacher

Occupational Therapists

Tammy Bruegger OT & Assistive Technology Coordinator
Natalie Bramson Early Intervention Program OT
Malinda Deines Center-Based OT
Christy Dow Center-Based OT
Becca Foster Early Intervention Program OT
Nancy Gerding Early Intervention Program OT
Colt Moller Center-Based OT
Malinda Jackson Center-Based OT
Lauri Proulx Early Intervention Program OT

Orientation & Mobility

Pam Arbeiter Orientation & Mobility
Lauren Blackmon Ek Orientation & Mobility
Sara Bushland Orientation & Mobility
Ann Cummins Orientation & Mobility
Shelley Donahue Orientation & Mobility

Physical Therapists

Megan DeBuyl Early Intervention Program PT
Margaret Hartman Center-Based PT
Kathy Plant Center-Based PT
Alicia Richardson Center-Based PT
Danielle Schulte Director of Therapy Services
Jessica Stegman Center-Based PT

Center-Based Program

Michelle Boyer Classroom 6 Teacher
Jaime Cissell Teacher Mentor
Hillary Joy-Sims Classroom 1 Teacher & Music Therapist
Sarah Smith Classroom 5 Teacher
Michelle Tovar Classroom 4 Teacher
Hannah Wahaus Classroom 3 Teacher
Emily Wright Classroom 2 Teacher

Speech-Language Pathologists

Taylor Weingart Kraft Speech-Language Pathologist
Erica McCarthy Speech-Language Pathologist
Stacey Rothwell EIP/PSK Speech-Language Pathologist
Pamela Shatto Speech-Language Pathologist

Teaching Assistants

Bella Barone Classroom 4 TA
Chelsie Biermann Classroom 3 TA
Sarah Crane Classroom 4 TA
Abby Davolt Classroom 1 TA
Delaney Granger Classroom 6 TA
Chrystal Greer Classroom 5 TA
Sarah Johnson Classroom 1 TA
Shannon Jakes Classroom 4 TA
Trina Morrison Classroom 2 TA
Carissa Ramsey Classroom 5 TA
Ryan Remington Classroom 3 TA
Kim Richardson Classroom 5 TA
Karla Sbisa Classroom 2 TA
Stephanie Smith Classroom 5 TA
Rachel Snyder Classroom 3 TA
Tricia Thomas Classroom 6 TA
Melissa Turner Lead TA