Sighted Peers

An additional component of our educational programming is our sighted peer program. Sighted peers are incorporated into classrooms depending on the ratio/availability in each room. The goal of the peer program is to create a community of learners where every student is a contributing  member and individual  skills, talents and abilities are strengthened.  All children learn from one another and realize from an early age that we all have differences and similarities. Visual impairment or additional disabilities should not create a barrier to friendship.  

Balancing our mission of educating children with visual impairments along with addressing the diverse needs of our sighted peers requires a great deal of planning and communication between our teaching  staff and our parents. The teachers  employ differentiated  learning techniques to meet the needs of the students in the class who may function at varying developmental  levels.

Because our students with visual impairments and additional disabilities cannot access the same educational services in other community programs  available to our sighted peers, their educational needs must be our primary focus. With this said, our teaching  and therapy staff believe that the educational needs of all the students can be addressed within our program with the support at home from parents. We welcome the discussion with families to provide further education about CCVI's programming.

From the parents of a sighted peer:

"...I wanted to send a big THANK YOU for what ALL of you do. Every day. For every child.

Jason and I feel so lucky to have this opportunity for Phero to learn and grow at CCVI. I'm in awe of what Phero has learned in such a short time, what a "young man" he has become. Something new every day. Even though Phero is there as a peer model, we feel like Phero learns and gains so much more from each of his classmates, and so do we as parents.

Thank you for your dedication, your patience, your love, your wisdom, your enthusiasm, and your smiles and laughter. When I walk through the halls at CCVI I know every child is loved."

-- Amy Bhesania & Jason Milford, parents of Phero