It costs an average of $40,000 to educate each child at CCVI.

Full-day tuition is $1,155 a month; half-day tuition is $1,040. Therapies, braille instruction, and orientation and mobility are available at additional costs. Sighted Peer Program tuition and After School Care fees range from $155–$630 per month.

Services are paid for by either the school districts, states, or parents. Local school districts may contract for CCVI preschool and kindergarten services according to their district guidelines and discounts are available for multiple children from a school district. If the local school districts or states do not fund services and no contract is possible, parents are charged tuition on a sliding scale basis according to their income and the number of children in the family.

For children ages birth to three with disabilities, CCVI contracts with Missouri First Steps. Consulting fees and mileage are charged for itinerant services.