Preschool Program

After the Infant Program, preschool and kindergarten classes are held at the Center where speech-language, occupational and physical therapy, braille instruction, orientation and mobility, deafblind intervention, aquatic therapy, and low vision training are also available. Classes are for children ages two through six and are designed to enhance basic skills while preparing children for inclusion in public or private elementary schools. We offer morning and afternoon half-day classes, which are held Monday through Thursday. Full-day classes are held Monday through Thursday.

Classrooms are taught by Teachers of the Visually Impaired (TVIs) who specialize in developing lesson plans and adapting instruction to address necessary modifications and accommodations whether that involves adapting materials to braille or large print, eliminating visual or auditory clutter, addressing augmentative communication needs along with the speech-language pathologists or incorporating seating and positioning needs with the physical and occupational therapists just to mention a few. The role of the teaching assistants is vital in carrying out individual goals and follow through within the classroom setting. 

Furthermore, our staff recognized the role of the expanded core curriculum for our students and design instruction to make best use of real life experiential learning opportunities. These experiences are sometimes referenced as field trips or community-based instruction. These valuable learning opportunities are not random, but well thought out experiences that the teachers and orientation and mobility specialists consider crucial in teaching concepts about the world and travel.  


From a Preschool parent:

"Jude has felt nothing but loved by the smiling, happy faces of those who provide him crucial therapies and experiences at CCVI.  We are grateful to the therapists and experts who answer the call to work for and with these children and ultimately change their lives."

-- Matt Nickson, dad of Jude who transitioned from the Infant Program to the Preschool Program