Thank you to everyone who joined us at Illuminate 2018!

Join the Carr family for Illuminate, a cocktail party benefitting CCVI, on Thursday, Aug. 8, 2019 at The Abbott in the East Crossroads neighborhood of Kansas City, Mo.  More details coming soon! 

Photo of Mac smiling at the camera with the text "Meet Mac Blind 1 Year Old CCVI Student"

From Nicole Carr:

"Mac was born with optic nerve hypoplasia in both eyes. This means that the nerves that transmits what his eyes see to his brain did not develop all of the way. In his case, this caused him to be born blind. CCVI has been helping Mac and our family learn how to thrive in a sighted world since he was just 6 weeks old. We have been so positively impacted by their work, we decided we wanted to do something to give back."

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