CCVI Trolley Run

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the 32nd Annual CCVI Trolley Run  - Virutally Done!

Save the date - the 33rd Annual CCVI Trolley Run will be April 25, 2021!

The idea for this fundraiser was presented to the Friends of CCVI by the former Michael Forbes Restaurants, Inc., which owned two restaurants, four miles apart in the heart of Kansas City and The Plaza shopping area. The four-mile course follows the old streetcar/trolley tracks and hence, the name, Trolley Run. The Trolley Run is the largest annual fundraiser for CCVI and provides critical funding in the CCVI programming budget.  Trolley Run has succeeded through the generous support of our individual and corporate sponsors, including Trolley Run Presenting Sponsor, Sun Life and Kids' Trolley Run Presenting Sponsor, Healthy Vision Association. 

Over the years, the Trolley Run has become one of Kansas City's most popular races! 

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2021 Trolley Run Sponsorship Guide