CCVI Sensory Garden project on track

Work continues on the CCVI Sensory Garden, on the northeast corner of our campus. The Garden features a 180 foot-long wall that will have pieces of KC Streetcar rail, pipes, and other textured items from the KC Streetcar project for students to interact with to gain a better understanding of the feel and sound of Kansas City streetscape and sidewalks.  The garden also includes brick and concrete paths, raised garden beds, and a scaled version of the same rail crossings that will be used for the new KC Streetcar. Juniper trees were planted this fall with Ginko trees planted in January. Early spring will bring the planting of butterfly bushes. 

CCVI is grateful to the members of the KC Streetcar Constructors team and the subcontractors and businesses that have volunteered time, supplies, equipment and manpower to build the garden. We’ll have an official garden unveiling in on May 18.

CCVI Sensory Garden in various stages

The CCVI Sensory Garden in various stages. Construction began last summer and will wrap up soon.