Board of Directors

Business, nonprofit, and innovation leaders and thinkers — all with a heart for helping blind and visually impaired children.


Board of Directors 2020 - 2021

Beth Haden, President

Caryll Schultz, First Vice President

Courtney Moilanen, Second Vice President

Lyle Alexander, Treasurer

Mike Judy, Assistant Treasurer

Trey Williams, Secretary

Kelly Bradley, Assistant Secretary

Patrick Sallee, At Large

Dr. Johann Ohly, At Large

Carmen Thum, At Large

David Westbrook, At Large

Lisa Chase, Immediate Past President

Beth Allen

Sarah Arkell

Dawn Bircher, O.D.

Andrew Clemons

Bernie Colson

Deanna Diebolt

Kate Gibbs

Barb Haden

Sarah Hermes

Jeff Kloch

Karen McLeese

Kathleen Gunja Nelson

Jessica Nichols, O.D.

Johann Ohly, M.D.

Laura Plummer, M.D.

Cathy Rayfield

Jill + Pete Reitz

PJ Thompson

Bob Vansickle

Amanda Yoder