Beep Kickball



We are excited to announce the second season of Kansas City Beep Kickball kicks off on Aug. 24! And that KCBK is now part of Alphapointe's E.Y.E. Program (Expanding Youth Experiences).

Our second season is open to kids ages 3-13 and we can adapt to the needs of all students wanting to play.

Questions? Contact our Beep Kickball Commissioner Sara Bushland at

From Sara:
I am extremely excited to be heading Kansas City Beep Kickball this fall. I believe that this will not only be a great opportunity for recreation and leisure for our students, but also encourage parent advocacy. In my personal experience, the possibility that my sister could play sports inspired not only hope, but a feeling of normalcy to our active, sport enthusiast family. I am so thankful to CCVI for allowing me to use the space of the Sensory Garden to kick start my preschool beep kickball team and give this same opportunity to the families we have the privilege to serve here.